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3 Things to STOP on Job Interviews

There are so many jobs available right now! I see scores of postings added to job boards every day. If you’re thinking about leaving a job or if you’re a recent grad that has not found work yet, continue searching because there are positions for you! If you’re at the interviewing phase, congrats! Now it’s time to let your amazing, confident, hard-working personality shine fiercely. We talked about interview tips a few weeks back on “Krystal & Courtney’s Career Chat.” You can watch it here. You can also download “10 Really Hard Interview Questions Answered” when you join our mailing list!

I want to elaborate on a topic we discussed on a couple weeks back. These no-no’s apply to everyone, but I had millennial women of color in mind when I crafted it. Read these tips and make sure you’re going into job interviews with your mind on getting that offer!

1. Stop coming unprepared Friends, it is 2015 and recruiters expect a lot more from you than the ability to talk about your qualifications. You have access to the job description, the company website, employee blogs, and the company’s social media stream. In addition to your own qualifications be prepared to discuss

  • why you specifically want to work at that company
  • how you see yourself growing in the position, at that company. Are you looking for a promotion in 2 years? Are you trying to leave in a year? Be able to articulate a plan for your future at the company because these are things recruiters want to know
  • how you’re a great team player. You should have examples of how you work well with a multitude of people. You should also have examples of how you overcome conflict and obstacles with your team. We had great conversation about this on periscope.

2. Don’t apologize for your confidence and stop complaining about your haters

Job interviews are the time to “toot your own horn.” You have to market yourself in a way that the company see value in hiring you. Don’t apologize for your confidence or belittle your achievements because it shows lack of confidence. You’re awesome! If you don’t think so, email me and we’ll make a list together! It’s ok if you’re a recent grad and most of your experience is in student leadership. It’s just as impactful and amazing. Proudly share those experiences. As you’re sharing the positive, you might remember some of the less positive moments of your work experiences. You might have had a crappy boss or a really negative experience. Be careful not to get too much in the details of that experience. Instead, focus on how you persevered and displayed tenacity.

3. Stop being too relaxed – #sorrynotsorry I love being a millennial. I love being part of a generation that ignored society’s tendency to function in “black and white.” We like to live in “the grey.” When it comes to interviews, specifically in corporate america or a professional organization, dress code is clear. You should dress for the job you want. I always go in with collar, more than likely a blazer. I also wear minimal jewelry and will have my hair pulled back. I’m not saying you have to dress like me, but I strongly recommend you leave casual clothing at home and bring professional attire to the interview. Research the company ahead of time and figure out what their culture is. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg either. H&M has great separates to mix and match. is also a great site for affordable, super cute and professional attire. 

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