Adding Self-Care to Your Daily Routine

I’ve always been a multi-tasker. In high school and college, I participated in countless activities and held many leadership positions. In graduate school and now in my professional life, I give my all to work. I volunteer for every opportunity presented to me. I try to connect with all my colleagues to increase my network. My mind and body are constantly on the go, living my hustalpreneur life.

I haven’t had time to write a blog in over a month. No doubt, I’ve had content because work life has been in overdrive. In addition to my 9-5 being crazy busy, @TheColorMeB is gaining more traction every day, and I just became a stylist for Stella & Dot

I am elated with my newest purchases from Stella & Dot. Check my page here.

My schedule isn’t to blame for my inability to write, however. I have carved out time to sit down and write, and even with my light and sweet coffee, I couldn’t muster the focus to write. Something has been off. I haven’t been eating right, haven’t really had an appetite. I’ve been worried about finding a place in the middle of summer in NYC and moving my apartment and two dogs.

Then it hit me. I was stressed out.

The feeling of stress

I had been waking up with worry on mind. Worry about my moving situation, my personal life, my work situation, my new opportunities – it was overwhelming. The smallest thing would make me feel this great sense of anxiety. It was exhausting. 

I went to visit my family, in San Francisco, and realized what was going on. My friends and family noticed physical and emotional changes in me. I noticed the changes too. While at home, I called on my spiritual sisters and mother. I allowed myself to be vulnerable with them, and really got to the bottom of all the anxiety. More importantly, I went to church and gave all of my worries to God. 


I always rely on my faith to get me through trying times. While at home, I also realized how absent God is in many facets of my life in NYC. I made a commitment to change that. I made a commitment to stop worrying and start taking care of myself. While I was starting to thrive professionally, I was neglecting to feed my spirit, nourish my body and rest my mind.

Here are 5 specific things I’ve committed to adding to my daily routine:

1. Finding a church home

Joining a church where I actually live is very important because to foster and cultivate my faith, I must join a fellowship. Joining a church provides you with a place to worship and find others that can support you in your trials. I enjoy going to church because it’s a chance to connect with other black women that understand me and can suggest spiritual coping mechanisms to overcome. 

The brutal winter in NYC had a lot to do with my stress. Snow every week made it difficult to explore possible churches. While at home, I found a church that broadcasts their weekly sermons on their website! It has been a God-send.

2. Eating three meals a day

For the past few months, it has been a struggle to commit to eating three meals a day. I’ll have a large coffee for breakfast and forget to eat more until lunchtime. For lunch, I’ll have a helping of spaghetti and water. I snack on candy bars in the late afternoon. When I get home, if I’m not too tired, I’ll have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That’s so unhealthy!

My challenge is three meals a day! Pinterest is my best friend for this one. On Sundays, I make my lunch for the week in my slow-cooker. It’s usually chili or chicken and vegetables. Try this sticky wing recipe. To accompany the slow-cooker dish, I make a big pot of rice. Still working on incorporating more vegetables in my lunch. For my dinner, I try to keep it simple too. I’ll make pasta, and load it with my favorite vegetables. Spinach and cabbage are great vegetables to quickly make also.


3. Alone time

Working full-time, having a coupe side hustles, being in a relationship and being a dog mom of two requires a lot of my time. I challenge myself to take time to do things for myself. Another challenge is being more financially responsible, so I’m not going to start splurging. I bought supplies for a DIY pedicure. When it’s sunny outside, I wake up early in the morning and go for a walk. My alone time is all about taking the time to embrace the simple things that make me smile. Add that to the top of your priority list.

Treat yourself! Every day! Maybe not a pedi every day but something funners 🙂

4. Financial responsibility

I’d be a lot less stressed about money, if I took more time to be proactive. I usually make my budget for two weeks and spend until I get paid again. That’s clearly not working. I needed to wake up, and realize to be a legitimate entrepreneur and businesswoman, I need to get my personal finances together. Instead of worrying about paying this bill and that loan, I’m focusing on financial goals. 

I use to keep track of my monthly bills. Those amounts are stagnant. Rather than focusing on all the money going out, I’ve cut all unnecessary bills. I started prioritizing better and leveraging the leftover money to save and invest. I’m saving to move to a better apartment. I’m also saving for a big summer birthday party!

5. Celebrate yourself!

My birthday will be a chance to celebrate months of progress on my self-care challenge. You have to remember to create opportunities to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. My boyfriend’s birthday is the day before mine so it will be a joint birthday party and celebration for both of us. 

Self-care is important to remember because without it, it’s hard to appreciate life’s gifts. We can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of urban living. We shouldn’t do that. We have to remember to take care of ourselves – body, mind and spirit.

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