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Calling all fly college + career millennial women to this awesome opportunity!

When I started CMB Professional Development Agency, who knew we would be blessed enough to start a mentor program. I started CMB when I was 25 years old. All of my close friends were out of school; and I had reached that awkward age where I didn’t have any close friends still in college… I was starting to feel old!

Anywho, many of my female friends and associates started approaching me about wanting to get involved. We all wanted to find a way to help women in college and graduate school. We all wanted to be that rational voice that we once needed to hear the winter break before graduation when you questioned the last 3.5 years of your life. We wanted to be that boss career woman we sought advice from when trying to figure out what to do with our politics degree.

We, like most millennials, have this knack for wanting to help each other out. We also like succeeding at our passions. CMB Mentor is the avenue to embrace both of those millennial tenets. At CMB Mentor, we strive to connect millennial college women to career women in their industry. We host workshops and webinars related to networking, career advancement, and leadership. 

This spring, I want to plan a brunch in NYC! I’d love to gather college seniors and career women for an afternoon of delicious brunch, networking and of course ki-ki’ing. We’re also going to continue to dive deeper on our webinars. We’ll build on the foundation we laid in the fall when we hosted “Critical Conversations on a College Campus,” and discussed how to address acts of discrimination and racism on campus. We welcome students to share their experiences. We ask mentors to share their wisdom and offer support. It will be awesome!

If you’re a millennial college or a career woman,

that wants to succeed in their professional aspirations,

that likes seeing other women “win” on their grind and in their hustle,

that enjoys attending fun meet-ups and ki-ki’ing with the girls –

CMB Mentor is for you! Sign-up here!



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