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Help your girlfriend find a job

“Girrrrrllll my boss had the nerve to ask me to….”

“Yea, they told me ‘it’s just not a good fit‘ and let me go”

“I’m giving these people another two weeks and I’m out!”

My girlfriends and I have started too many stories with these phrases. How many of us work somewhere where we feel undervalued? How many of us have been denied a job because we, in all of our beauty and uniqueness, are not “a good fit?” (What about us doesn’t fit is another post for a different day, perhaps February). How many of us have girlfriends that simply work for some out of control managers?!

It’s part of the journey that every woman experiences in the early stages of their career. Employees work through many situations that can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction with the workplace. And vice versa. You know you have that one girlfriend that tells her work stories and leaves out a week’s worth of information! Sometimes employees let their negativity affect their work; and employers may choose to let them go. Whether it’s voluntary or involuntary, two things remain true. You shouldn’t feel trapped at job where you’re unhappy and unfulfilled. Secondly, if you call on the courage to leave, your girlfriends will have your back and help you get through it.

5 ways to help your girl!

Here are 5 suggestions to aid you and your girlfriend find her a position:

1. LinkedIn! Update your linkedin profile with information that will accurately describe the work you’ve done in your more current position. Yes, you might have had a bad experience, but you worked diligently to make it better and do your job. Incorporate that skillset into your resume and Linkedin profile. Please use a super cute and professional profile picture. Use a friendly, welcoming photo that will invite potential employers. I chose mine because it looks like me going to a job interview. Try a combination of the two, with the understanding that your Facebook or Twitter profile pics will not work #justbeinghonest. Finally, get recommendations from former supervisors, mentors and professional colleagues. This is a great way for recruiters too see that you perform well and maintain a good rapport with colleagues.

Good Profile Pic 

NOT Appropriate for Linkedin Profile Pic

2. Your College/University! 

Check out your college/university’s alumni relations page. More than likely, your college has an office that engages alumni. These offices also tend to have networking opportunities and job boards. Your college may also have an office of career services. These offices help you throughout college and some have staff dedicated to supporting alumni. As an alumni, you probably still have access to the university job board. Check that out!

3. Indeed 

Sooooo many companies post on this website. Also, Indeed searches the web for positions that match your preferences so there are a ton of jobs there. If you upload your resume, Indeed will forward it to employers for consideration. If you’re like me, you ignore the jobs that say, “sponsored by,” in pink. Look at those! Many people don’t realize those are priority jobs!

A good staffing agency can help you tremendously during a search, especially if you’re searching while working. Do some research for your girlfriend and find a reputable agency in your area. Robert Half is a popular, nationwide agency.

5. @thecolormeb
Direct your girlfriend to my organization’s website. We have links to job boards, interviewing tips, work fashion inspiration and more!

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