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I’m the CEO of my Destiny!

I am a proud member of a black greek organization. While taking the steps to join my organization, like others that have completed the journey, I learned a poem that changed my life. I love every line of the poem but one line ignites my core every time.

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

That is deep, y’all. In the context of my journey to joining my illustrious sisterhood, this line means no one but YOU can stop you from achieving your goals. It means you are in control of your life, decisions and strength. 

In my the context of my life, almost 7 years later, what does it mean?

As a young professional woman trying to make it in corporate america, in NYC, it’s easy to feel like I am not in control. Other people decide my salary, how much my rent is, if my subway train will work – and those outcomes have larger implications in my life. 

My salary can dictate my quality of life. If rent is $2000/month for a one-bedroom, that has huge implications (because I am NOT paying that much for a space I do NOT own). If my subway is not working, forget it. I’m mad and not going anywhere. Like this morning, we got over 20 inches of snow in NYC this weekend and my trains were a HOT MESS.

Then I remembered, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” I remembered my goal for 2016 to be more present. I remembered, I cannot control the subways. I cannot control how my supervisor will treat me. However, I CAN control my response.



This is how I’m stepping into this week. I have a positive attitude ready to deal with the negativity that others may throw my way. Your joy and strength should not waiver because of your haters. They’re still going to hate so might as well continue to SHINE!

In 2015, I made the decision to focus on positive things in my life. In 2016, I am taking the time to appreciate those things every day and make my life the happiest it can be. My happiness and joy has manifested into success at work and with my nonprofit organization. We’re rolling out two brand new programs and I’ve already received sooooooo much positive response. 

Email to nominate an honoree!

The positive impact is a reflection of my peers and other millennial women embracing my genuine passion for helping women be their best selves at work. 

Are you walking and talking in your truth? 

Are you letting go of fear and insecurity and embracing your true passion? 

Do it! Don’t be scared, we can do it together! Sign-up for our mailing list so I can check on your progress and you can hold me to my goals!





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