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2017, let me introduce you to a new me!

It sounds cliche, but I’m for real ready for a new me in 2017.

I think we can all agree – 2016 was rough emotionally, politically and for some, personally. For me, 2016 was a year of immense growth. I took on a lot more responsibility at my job, committed to running my 501(c)3 nonprofit, and made a promise to my boyfriend to be better (wait, don’t judge. More on that below).

With all that going on, I could barely keep up in 2016.

And just like that, the year was over. I mean I’m writing my new year post on January 16; the new year really snuck up on me! I’ve taken the last few weeks to reflect on my goals in life and what is keeping me so incredibly busy. I am achieving my goals – some ahead of schedule. I got the promotion I really wanted (and deserved). I’ve been saving money effectively. I visited my family in California multiple times in 2016.

When I think of what is causing me anxiety and stressing me, I’ve only come to one conclusion – me. I have added pressure on my life and stress that I don’t need. I push myself to go the extra mile and make things more efficient. In 2017, I gotta stop that. I gotta stop trying to “make it” to the next step. I need to take time to reap the benefits of my work and to simply chill in between those steps of life.

Taking a minute to chill is an incredibly underutilized stress-reliever. When preparing for an exam, take a minute to chill and relax. If you are preparing for an important meeting at work, pause from practicing and listen to your favorite music. If your man is stressing you out, take a walk and pick up your favorite tasty dessert.

In 2017, I’m still embracing every piece of potential our #blackgirlmagic has to offer, but I’m also taking a moment to put myself on the highest pedestal in my world.

Too often we get caught up in our “to-do lists.” Keep it real, those to-do lists are days, weeks, and sometimes years-long (ok, I’m being dramatic but you get the point)! Millennial women have HUGE dreams and aspirations, and I trust that we will attain and surpass every single one. However, please remember, we have to count the small victories. We have to count the small victories because it is important to monitor and recognize milestones in your life, career and passion projects.

I said I would mention the boyfriend again. In 2016, it became painfully clear that I am a workaholic. When I don’t take a minute to chill, I suffer and so do the people around me. When I’m consumed with work, I don’t bring my charismatic energy home because it has been exhausted at work. That’s not fair to me or my partner. Part of the new me is making a commitment to more “family time.” That’s more time with my man and communicating with my family across the country. This is a small but huge victory for me (and my relationship).

It is important to count the small victories because your small victory might be a major life moment for someone else. Celebrating and sharing your victories is a testimony to other girls and women that they can also achieve greatness. In 2017, I want to share all my wins with this community, and I want to celebrate yours!

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