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Speaking your truth in the age of fake news

Queens, 2017 is proving to be a test to my patience, sanity and very last nerve.

2016 was a rough one, but you read my last post – I’ve been optimistic about this year!

I’ve been saying my positive affirmations and living life in the (fake) NYC winter.

Drinking green and berry smoothies.

Doing my yoga every once in a while. Oh yea, I’ve also been absolutely thriving at work. Achieving all my goals and reaching major milestones.

But, I’m admitting to you – I’ve been in denial. I’ve been in denial about coming to terms with Donald Trump being the president of my country. That is a tough, large, hard pill to swallow. Besides the fact that he is grossly under-qualified and an intellectual brute, he has appointed clowns to run MAJOR agencies of our country. And, honestly, this gives me anxiety and makes my tummy hurt.


What is our future going to be like? How should I console my friends that are fearful of being deported or detained? We all know what the US government in capable of doing to a criminal (or someone perceived to be one). Trump has made too many threats about punishing specific minority groups and I do not want to see him make good on his promises!

This is unsettling; and as a millennial activist, I feel obliged to do something. I’ve supported #BLM. But what else can I do? I stand in solidarity with many of the causes galvanizing other millennials around the country, but I have to go to work every single day. Further, I work in (somewhat) corporate america, where we do not have to “take a stand.” We’re not expected to join the protests and support these movements. Since the election, however, I have had countless conversations with colleagues about the ludicrous things Trump has said and the implications it could have for controversial policies. We’ve discussed police brutality, abortion, sexual assault prevention, immigration reform, and more.


My peers are interested and passionate about these topics. What do you do with these thoughts in a work environment where it seems like no one cares?

You speak your truth. Speak up for the causes that move you. In conversations around these things, don’t be afraid to say how you really feel. I strongly believe that to make real change, we must share our personal experiences and feelings so we can learn from and empathize with each other. That is how you connect with people and show them respect. That is how you achieve social justice by Cornel West’s standard, “show(ing) love in public.”


Now, I’m not (extremely) naive. I know it’s not always easy to be the one speaking on behalf of the minority. As a black person working at a predominantly white organization that attended a predominantly white institution, I know how it feels to have your truth critiqued and questioned. It can be scary, but this is our job as global citizens. In 2017, to trump the crazy fake news that attempts to consumes us, we have to be the leaders we wish to see. We have to speak our truth and stand for the right thing.

Yes, once again, women of color must save the day. In 2017, maybe it is the same old….

Let’s talk more about this and support each other’s leadership. Join our online community, CMB Mentor. I’m looking for woke, ambitious millennials to join our network. Follow us on instagram (@TheColorMeB) too so we can like all your fly pics! We love to see you succeeding, Queen!



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